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  • Creative Christian Ideas (Electronic Version)

    Creative Christian Ideas (PDF)

    PRODUCT CODE: 978-0-9872887-4-5   AUTHOR: Ken Moser

    Downloadable PDF

    Updated version with over 30 new ideas that help your teens engage with each other and the bible.

    Creative Christian Ideas focuses on the weekly youth gathering (some call the meeting of fellowship). It will give you some helpful tips, and lots of program segments designed to be solid in content and helpful to the group. All the ideas in this book have been tried and tested by groups in different contexts in many parts of the world.

    What this book aims to do:

    1. Good solid Christian content?

    2. Loving relationships within the group?

    3. Enjoyment in gathering with other Christians

    “I am very keen to help groups change the world by helping youth leaders run youth meetings that glorify God, build strong disciples of Jesus, promote group unity, help Christian young people reach out to their fiends, and are fun at the same time!”

    -Ken Moser


    Price: $10.95


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