Youthsurge is a youth ministry organisation committed to remodeling, rethinking and resourcing youth ministry in the local church so it can be as effective as possible in fulfilling the Great Commission amongst teenagers.


Youthsurge's vision is to transform youth ministry culture. Youthsurge desires to cultivate a revolution of strategy and practice in youth ministry so that local church youth ministries are communities of hope and love as they hold out the Word of truth to a world in desperate need of the gospel of the Lord Jesus.

Youthsurge's vision is for youth ministries to building a community of young disciples who are committed to knowing and loving each other, and knowing and loving the Lord Jesus. We envisage these youth ministries will have young disciples growing in biblical understanding, increasing in service and commitment to their local church, spurring each other on to love and good deeds, and making day by day choices with eternity in view.

Youthsurge's vision is for youth ministries to be led by leaders committed to teaching and modelling Christ-likeness to the next generation; leaders prepared to sacrifice much for the Lord Jesus to glorify him and so that others might know him. Youthsurge also envisages a Church where there is an abundance of leaders willing and able to train and equip the next generation for a lifetime of ministry in the local church.


Youthsurge's strategy to see the vision come to fruition has three main elements: Surges, Training & Publications.

Surges (modelLing youth ministry)

Surges are regional events organised by Youthsurge to gather local church youth groups together; they have 3 main purposes:

  • Encourage and connect youth groups by exposing them to a wider youth ministry community
  • Model a thoroughly biblical youth ministry program that both edifies and evangelises
  • Be a source of programming ideas

Training (Rethinking youth ministry)

Youthsurge training seeks to encourage and equip leaders for longevity in youth ministry.Youthsurge training, therefore, is more than merely acquiring a skill set for youth ministry.It is equipping leaders to think biblically about ministry.Youthsurge trains in 3 main ways:

  • Regional one-day training events
  • Launch camps (for Leaders in Training)
  • Church consultancy

Publications (Resourcing youth ministry)

Youthsurge is mindful that most youth ministry leaders are volunteers and have limited time for preparation.Youthsurge, therefore, seeks to produce resources that are biblically reliable, engaging for teenagers, easy to use and cost effective.

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