Statistics show that a large proportion of people make a commitment to follow Jesus by the age of 25.

It is therefore vital to focus ministry at this age group. Youthsurge therefore organises a number of events and programs designed to equip up and coming leaders, youth leaders, parents and church leaders to effectively minister to teenagers.

Youthsurge runs Launch Camps in North and South Queensland for up-and-coming youth leaders! Youthsurge's LAUNCH program exists to prepare, equip and motivate teenagers to be involved in ministry in their church. The program deals with the basics of biblical, servant leadership via a two year program, with a particular focus on youth and children's ministry.

If it is more specific training that you want for your leadership team then Youthsurge can help by providing experienced consultants to come to your church.

Just contact us directly and we can discuss your needs!

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